Triple Coatings3®

Nanocomposite - Triple Coatings3®

Welcome to a new generation of coatings! Triple Coatings3® combine the best of two worlds: conventional coatings and modern hard material coatings.  The result: coating combinations that are ideal especially for dry high-performance machining – for turning, hard milling, drilling or reaming. Triple Coatings3® – the secret is in the coating structure: Three overlying coatings ensure above-average Performance.


  • High wear resistance and heat resistance
  • Top layer is extremely hard and tough
  • Efficient performance for a broad range of applications
  • Dry high-performance machining (turning, hard milling, drilling, reaming)
Physical parameters
Optionally available as a thin coating (1.2 µm)
Colour dark grey
Coating thickness 1,8 μm
Nano hardness 45 GPa (ca. 4500 HV)
Temperature range 1200 °C
Coefficient of friction 0,45