Coating types

Our coating types at a glance


With only thin coatings in the micron range our conventional PVD coatings are ideal for many different machining applications. Whether you choose a TiN, AlTiN or CrN coating: the right PVD coating reduces machining times and allows more efficient machining of demanding materials.
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Conventional + CBC

Coatings that contain CBC are ideal for lubricating materials or workpieces that require an extremely smooth surface with a low coefficient of friction – perfect conditions for the machining of aluminium.
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When things get hot, these coatings are in their element. H+K nano composite coatings feature high hardness, hot hardness and oxidation resistance, which makes them ideal for high-performance cutting and dry machining.
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Triple Coatings3®

This new generation of coatings combines conventional coatings with modern hard material coatings. We recommend Triple Coatings® for above-average tool life in dry high-performance machining.
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